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Wooden Double Beds

Wooden Double Beds

Do you want to get rid of your old bed and get new wooden double beds for your house? You are at the right place. At Chili Fry International you will get varieties of furniture to choose from including beds. We have the best quality beds for all our clients and we make sure that our clients always receive what they had been looking for. We make our furniture ourselves and thus we use good quality raw material. We have been ranked as the best wooden double bed suppliers and all this is because of the products and services that we provide. Choose us to know more.

  • CFI-5604 Wooden Double Bed

  • CFI-5607 Wooden Double Bed

  • CFI-5610 Wooden Double Bed

  • CFI-5611 Wooden Double Bed

  • CFI-5613 Wooden Double Bed

  • CFI-5622 Wooden Double Bed